Vehicle plastic center console, repair, recolor, paint
holden console, modification and painted in plastic paint
Automotive bumper bar repair, re-painted in quality debeers 2pack coating
Plastic bumper fix
Door trim leather, vinyl re painted, dyed, colored and welded
leather welding, vinyl repair and re-color, dye
leather repair, touch up, reconditioning
painted leather, color change leather
vinyl bench seat, restaurant, repaired in situ
bright red leather seat welding and painting on site
dash board, dash repair, crack, vinyl welding, leather repair
car touch up interior, dash panel
cavaran, campervan vinyl repair, flexible paint, fix
caravan repairers, campervan touchups
machinery, industrial plastic welding
industrial machinery plastic repair
torana dash plastic repair, industrial plastic welding
torana dash plastic repair
aqua graphics, hydro print hydro dipping, water transfer
aqua graphics, hydro print hydro dipping, water transfer

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